How Corporate Brand Activations are going to be Online in 2021 & Why You Should Care?

How Corporate Brand Activations are going to be Online in 2021 & Why You Should Care?

  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, virtual customer engagement has gained immense popularity. Many industries are using virtual platforms to connect with new and existing customers to market their products and services and experiencing great conversions.
  • Corporate brand activations, one of the key elements of marketing, which give companies an opportunity to demonstrate or highlight why their products or services are a better choice, have also switched to virtual platforms over physical events.
  • Due to the “work from home” trend, for their corporate activations, they now rely more on online features like webinars, virtual events, social media campaigns and many other online aspects which are conducted through Google Meet, Google Duo or Zoom App.
  • For example, even the real estate industry which solely relied on physical tours of the site is now using virtual platforms so that customers can take a tour of the site. Few famous Indian builders who are heavily using virtual platforms for customer touring as a part of their brand activation include Kalpataru, Raheja, Rizvi, Lodha etc.


real estate brand activation event

real estate corporate product event


  • Not just real estate companies, but many organizations from various industries find online corporate activation as a more cost effective method for building awareness of their brand by directly engaging with their B2C and B2B customers online. They heavily leverage social media and online gaming approach, to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Why are Corporate Professionals Going to Take Time to Head Back to Office?

Corporate Professionals Going to Take Time to Head Back to Office

  • Looking at the propensity and trend, it’s been observed that it’s going to be a long time before corporate professionals come back to their usual “work from office” routine. At present, the average of 30% employees work from the office and 70% work from home. And this works on the basis of rotational shifts.
  • We spoke to a couple of industry professionals and realized that the 30% employee strength is apparently true for industries like BFSI, Manufacturing & Retail. Information Technology has its employees largely working from home. And this trend will probably continue for the entire year of 2021.
  • As per information acquired by TOI, even though constraints for the lockdown are gradually easing down, companies are still mounting long-term policies that would enable almost 50% of its employees to work from home.
  • Marico per se has assigned an external consultant in order to bring a serious shift in the way it has traditionally operated. This shift is about ensuring that at least a minimum of 40% of its employees that fall under the category of office-based staff should be working from home.
  • Wunderman Thompson which is a global marketing communications company with two hundred offices in ninety markets, is going for a fifty fifty solution. As per this solution, not more than 50% of its employees should be working from the office, while the remaining naturally working from home. Mercedes-Benz India is also following similar measures.

How Quizzing & Gaming has become a good Employee Engagement activity Due To “The Work From Home” Trend?

How Quizzing & Gaming has become a good Employee Engagement activity

  • As per Forbes, the COVID-19 Lockdown catapulted the Internet Usage by roughly 70%. As a forecast, E-commerce will be another sector that will witness a revenue boost because of the pandemic. This revenue boost will be adding close to $175 billion in revenue (2020-21). Though Broadband providing companies are experiencing a steep surge in traffic, their revenues figures are also going up.
  • Various top notch Indian Media Giants spoke to several people and especially working professionals from different states. People mentioned that taking quizzes online has always been an effective way to keep their mind fit. But in the lockdown era, this hobby of quizzing has become much more than a mere exercise. People have shown great interest in taking online quizzes and comparing their results with their friends.
  • Virtual pub quizzing as a phenomenon has emerged from the lockdown period and slowly gained immense popularity. Virtual pub quizzing has also gathered a gigantic number of quizmasters gradually.
    As a result, an eminent quizzing institution which is the “(QFI) – Quiz Foundation of India”, which started in Chennai in 1987, started releasing virtual weekly quizzes. Their secretary Jayakanthan, also feels the need to reinvent the entire quizzing process because a lot of youngsters both, studying and working have been greatly attracted to online quizzes.
  • With these figures, it’s not difficult to predict that the online gaming space and especially quizzing activities have picked up great momentum.
    Hence, bearing this in mind, many top notch organisations in India are using quizzing platforms as one of their main employee engagement activities. These organisations include Tata Power, Asian Paints, Snap Deal, Times of India and SBI.

How Various Organizations Organize Regular Daily Quizzes For Employees?

  • Many top notch companies in the executive search segment, BFSI, retail and FMCG organise daily quizzes on various topics for employee engagement. The employees also give feedback that they feel more excited while the day comes to an end so that they can engage in the daily quizzing event. And that they always look forward to discovering what new quizzes the companies have for them.

What are the Benefits for brands & advertisers using Quizzes for their Corporate Brand Activations?

using Quizzes for Corporate Brand Activations

There are many proven benefits of doing corporate brand activations through quizzing which are as follows:

  • You can acquire appropriate customer data, mainly consumer insights.
  • Capture consumer feedback on a real-time basis as consumers interact with your brand through the answers that they provide in your brand quizzes.
  • You can reach new audiences and potential customers who are yet to get involved and engage with your brand.
  • You can even reinforce your company and brand’s position like how Bournvita Quiz Contest did through their online quizzing on Youtube.

Which Top Companies Have Connected With Brain Bout’s Quizzing Platform For Their Employee Engagement?

Top Companies Have Connected With Brain Bout's Quizzing Platform For Their Employee Engagement

  • You will surprised to know that organisations like Tata Power, SBI Life Insurance, Marico, Infosys, SnapDeal, Bajaj Finserv, Hitachi, Hero, Times of India and many more top notch companies have joined hands with Brain Bout’s quizzing platform for their Employee engagement. There’s been a whopping 30,000+ users registered with Brain Bout who actively participate in their quizzes.
  • Some of these organisations have provided Brain Bout with positive feedback from their employees who have regularly taken up quizzes on the platform. The employees mentioned that it gives them a refreshing experience while working from home, especially to kill the boredom caused due to lockdown. The best part is that the employees get an opportunity to choose the categories of their interest & also allows them to play with their friends and family.

To understand more about how Quizzing has helped several brands and companies with brand activities, you can read our article on Why Brand Managers From Amazon & Tata Group Are Using Quizzes For Branding & Lead Generation?

To learn more on how Brain Bout can help you with online branding activation or to challenge yourself for fun by taking up a quiz you can click here



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