How You Can Remember 35% More Of What You Read & Learn By Just Taking Quizzes?

How You Can Remember 35% More Of What You Read & Learn By Just Taking Quizzes?

How You Can Remember 35% More Of What You Read & Learn By Just Taking Quizzes?

  • You read so much daily, but how much can you recollect later? Many types of research, cumulatively suggest that on average a person recollects no more than 50% of the information when they read something throughout the day. This number further dwindles
    down when it comes to online reading.
  • With the advent of 4G and fast-moving technology, we are exposed to huge amounts of content throughout the day. On average, an internet user in major countries is exposed to nearly 8000 to 10000 ads a day. Along with this, he is also exposed to random media
    content on his phone, television, laptop, or computer. The mind is also burdened with 60,000+ thoughts a day.
  • Hence, there are many leakages, where information slips off and a person is unable to recollect everything of what they have read before, at the right time. Let’s dive into why recollection of information is so important and how you can do it effectively through quizzing.

Why Learners Read So Much, But Recollect Very Little?

How You Can Remember 35% More Of What You Read & Learn By Just Taking Quizzes?

  • “The above image displays information retention rates as per research and studies. It shows how people retain a large amount of information by practically doing and implementing what they learn. And this is a major activity in quizzing where you apply and practically do things with the knowledge you have consumed. And most people don’t recollect much information because they only read and then later forget. That’s why only reading leads to just 10% of information retention.”
  • Few other reasons because which readers today are unable to recollect a lot of what they read are mainly because of the vastness of information they are exposed to. The Hippocampus in the brain is a complex brain structure embedded deep into the temporal
    lobe. It has a major role in learning and memory.
  • In earlier days, people had a stronger Hippocampus. They also had sharper memory. The main reasons for these were because of their less exposure to vast information and less reliability on technology or web information storage hubs, which can be accessed anytime to gain information.
  • People mainly relied on their concentration and memory power to recollect regular and imperative information. But that doesn't happen today. If we want to recollect something, we know we can access it anytime by just typing a search query on Google. While it saves time, it has also weakened our memory power and impacted our information recollection ability to a great extent. But why is information recollection a big deal?

Why Recollection of Information is More Important Than Learning?

How You Can Remember 35% More Of What You Read & Learn By Just Taking Quizzes?

  • There’s an age-old aphorism that says, Knowledge is power However, now we need to also add a line to it that says, Recollection of knowledge is a superpower. Imagine the horror, if you could read quite fast, consume useful information but when it came to its application, you don’t recollect half of it? How would that be if your doctor treating you, or an engineer building a bridge, or anyone who is directly responsible for human welfare or well-being goes through this same problem? It would be horrendous.
  • So a lot of your success in your profession depends on your ability to recollect the exact piece of information to solve a problem. These are conclusions derived by psychology experts which mention that more than information consumption, it is more about knowledge
    retrieval & recollection that helps anyone to succeed in life.
  • Let’s understand why quizzes are the best way to retrieve information.

Why Quizzes Are The Best Way To Recollect Information?

How You Can Remember 35% More Of What You Read & Learn By Just Taking Quizzes?

  • Quizzes play a major role in building your memory system. As a result, you can recollect information more efficiently and successfully. The quizzing mechanism pushes you to recollect your previously consumed information.
  • This eventually helps you to evaluate your memory capacity and information recollection ability. You can even further work on taking more quizzes and strengthening your knowledge about a particular subject of importance.
  • Quizzes have the same psychological impact on you the way stories have. Like stories are attached to memory and register in your subconscious mind, the information retrieved through quizzes also becomes a strong part of your subconscious mind, which is a
    warehouse of massive information.
  • There is indeed a good amount of evidence from psychological studies and experiments that the process of information retrieval, allowed by quizzes is one of the most effective ways to recollect information.
  • Quizzes also spark competitive nature. You push yourself hard to remember information in order to win. In this process, you end up developing yourself and reaching higher echelons, where you can recollect information faster.

Quick Info on 5 Strategies to Help Recollect Information Better

How You Can Remember 35% More Of What You Read & Learn By Just Taking Quizzes?

  • When people learn new bits of information, there are new synaptic connections that are made in their brains. One of the best ways to retain information is by building as many new connections in your brain, to existing connections and increasing the web of neural
    connections. A simple example of this is when you tag a new memory to an existing memory. And quizzing allows you to do this remarkably well. Let’s look at 5 quick strategies to help recollect information better through quizzes.

No. 1 Explanation While Answering Quiz Questions

  • While answering a quiz, when you explain what you’ve learned to yourself, you reactivate a fading memory that might have important information necessary to answer the quiz question.
  • So constantly answering quiz questions that lead to introspection and self-explanation in your mind is one of the best strategies that increase information retention and also promote active learning.

No. 2 Revisiting Ideas

  • It’s a general practice to read about a topic and then move on. However, revisiting key ideas is the golden technique. Research & study shows that people perform better, academically and professionally when they are exposed to review the learned material. This is one of the best features quizzes have.
  • Even on top-notch learning platforms like Udemy, quizzing is an important feature for information recollection, while moving from chapter to chapter.

No. 3 Regular Quizzing Habit

  • Taking quizzes regularly is like going through a frequent practice test. It boosts long-term information retention and boosts memory performance. It gets you in a pattern where information recollection becomes an unconscious habit.

No. 4 Thinking on Your Feet While Quizzing

  • Thinking on your feet allows you to encode old and new information more deeply. Like the old times, while giving quizzes you have to
    rely on your memory power, rather than being relaxed about information accessibility at will. This makes you more vigilant while consuming information and makes you much sharper when it comes to information recollection.

No. 5 Quizzes with Combination of Text with Images

  • You will often find it easier to recollect information when it is tagged along with a visual. That’s a fundamental human
    quality or ability. That’s how we have been taught since our kindergarten times.
  • This is exactly the reason why we are able to visualize an apple when we read or recollect the aphorism, An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Many quizzes have visuals along with text, which refreshes our memory and helps us remember information better.

How Brain Bout Makes You Smarter Than Your Competitors By Helping You To Recollect More Information?

How You Can Remember 35% More Of What You Read & Learn By Just Taking Quizzes?

  • Brain Bout is currently one of the finest Indian Online Quizzing platforms with more than 30,000 active corporate professional users. It challenges your memory and information recollection ability in the most interesting ways. Many corporate professionals have
    reportedly experienced an increase in memory strength and information retention ability, after taking daily quizzes on Brain Bout.
  • Another big factor is that Brain Bouts quizzes act as a stress buster for corporate professionals. The decrease in stress hormones and increase in happy hormones is what makes these corporate professionals perform better at work and increase their overall productivity towards their organization.
  • Another highlight is that Brain Bout can add immense value to the Training and Development departments of organizations by adding important features to the organization’s ongoing learning management systems. Through Brain Bout the LMS can include features like; Quizzing, Peer Peer competition & display of Leaderboard. To see more in detail on how Brain Bouts quizzes can be a fun stress buster for you and also help you recollect information, challenge yourself to take the quiz by clicking here

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