What Are the Limitations Of Facebook Marketing & How Quizzing Becomes A Better Option for Sharper Corporate Targeting?

What Are the Limitations Of Facebook Marketing & How Quizzing Becomes A Better Option for Sharper Corporate Targeting?

Facebook is a good platform for marketing your brand, product or services. It does have some good features like creating your own business page, like having Facebook posts and even promoting them via Facebook ads.

But there are immense amounts of challenges while you do Facebook marketing especially when you want a sharper targeting in the corporate domain. Let’s look at some of the Facebook marketing challenges and limitations

Challenges with Facebook Advertising & Marketing

challenges with facebook advertising

Here are some of the most pressing concerns and challenges when it comes to Facebook Marketing:

1) Lack of Sharper Targeting Leads To Irrelevant Audience!

targeting the wrong audience

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LinkedIn is one of the best platforms when it comes to sharper targeting. It allows you to select demographics that include the organization, industry, job role, academia information, geographical location and many detail oriented intricate aspects because of which you are able to target sharply.

As a result, you get relevant, quality leads. However, because the targeting is so super sharp, the cost per lead becomes very high. It can range from thousands of rupees to even ten thousands per lead. Hence, it isn’t a cost effective option.

  • What are the advertising challenges with Facebook?

On the other hand, Facebook may get cost effective many a times. However, it doesn’t give you such a detail oriented targeting that is sharp and intricate. While targeting in the demographics’ section of Facebook ads, you can select general parameters like age, gender, interests and geographical location.

However, when it comes to deeper targeting, Facebook has its own limitations. Not many people update their professional details with intricacies on Facebook. They at times don’t even openly update their academic information with details. Hence, Facebook just allows you target the audience based on their general likes and interests. It’s very loose and broad in its targeting because you merely get to target people based on the pages they like and the content they follow. This is very random and inconsistent in nature.

It’s a common factor for likes and interests of people in certain topics to be temporary. Someone may like classical music as a new found interest and like pages related to it. But that interest may be short-lived. And though the person has liked those pages, he may no longer be interested in that topic. For example, if your product or service deals into classical music or anything associated with classical music, you may end up selecting this person and millions of people like him as a part of your ad target audience.

There are high chances, your ad will be shown to these people, but because they are no longer interested in that topic, they wouldn’t take any action. Hence, you will end up wasting money on an irrelevant audience which has no chances of converting into a lead or a potential customer.

2) The 20% Text Rule Can Also Kill Your Real Message!

facebook ads 20% text rule

In the past, as Facebook’s advertising policies, if an advertisement had more than twenty percent text in its image or visual, the ad would not be approved. While Facebook has calmed down many strict policies in recent years, it still continues to maintain this twenty percent text rule.

This is bad news, because you have to limit your content and this can come at a heavy cost. You may never know which piece of your textual content may click with the audience and convert them. Limited textual content highly decreases the quality of your message and further, reduces your chances to tap good leads.

3) Facebook Split Test Automation is Not Good As Compared To A Manual Expert!

facebook automation split test

Facebook advertising has a helpful feature that allows you to do an A/B split test while creating your ads. However, the problem with this automated feature is that it doesn’t always give you accurate results. This Facebook automation feature works in a very set manner and lacks in producing creative and analytical observations. Such observations can only be done by a Manual Expert.

4) Some Advertising Metrics May Not Be Reported Properly!

improper advertiing metrics

Facebook was subjected to great criticism over the years due to its reporting metrics which are not always accurate. There have been many issues like reporting and even puffing up simple metrics in such a way that only favors Facebook’s business. A few of these metrics that are commonly misreported by Facebook include:

  • Over-reporting of the Videos’ play metric
  • Instant article metrics are quite often misreported
  • Miscalculated metrics pertaining to app referrals
  • Repeat user visits are not removed & the organic audience reach is not reported correctly.

5) The Most Tedious Work of All in Facebook Ads!

The Most Tedious Work of All in Facebook Ads

Even after all these limitations, you still need expertise to run Facebook ads. You need a graphics designer to design professional visuals for your Facebook post. You need a content writer to draft content or a compelling social media copy. You need a post-production professional to create an end to end professional video for video marketing ads. To top it up you also need a digital marketing expert who can set up the ad accurately for you and also do the post ad analysis to understand the ROI.

Since you can’t do all of these by yourself, you have to hire a professional agency, who can take care of all these aspects. And that adds to a huge cost apart from the separate media spend that you do on your ads.

Advantages of Quizzing Platform Over Facebook

Advantages of Quizzing Platform Over Facebook

Quizzing platforms are designed for many types of audiences. But there are specific quizzing platforms which are designed only for the corporate professionals. For example, Brain Bout’s Quizzing platform is designed mainly for corporate professionals. You can play a few quizzes but to continue taking the exciting quizzes you need to sign up with Brain Bout. One of the details necessary for the sign up is your work email ID.

This factor ensures that the permanent registered quizzers on Brain Bout are hardcore corporate professionals.

Brain Bout Quizzing Platform

This is one of my many factors that serves as a huge advantage for those who want to market their products and services to corporate professionals on Brain Bout.

Brain Bout’s targeting is exact & sharp, no junk profiles are targeted

  • Only people with corporate email ID’s are registered and targeted for relevant ads.
  • Only people with interest in a certain topic would take a quiz on it. This makes the demographic targeting based on likes & interests much sharper and specific than Facebook.

Quizzing is educating, engaging and entertaining, all at the same time

  • There are very few all-in-one tools that have all three features to it.
  • Brain Bout’s quiz topics have a wide number of topics that can interest professionals from each department of a corporate company.

Quizzing has been a proven formula to provide companies with good consumer insights

  • Data from quizzes can do wonders to your CRM score.
  • It also helps you build a better, convertible consumer profile than other social media platforms.
  • A video on social media can be engaging, but it does not give you audience insights based on which you can have conversions through ad displays.

In conclusion, corporate professionals have always been the cream of the crop for organizations with relevant products and services. Mainly because corporate professionals fall in the “MAN” category of Sales.

‘MAN” is an acronym for Money, Need & Authority. Which means corporate professionals have the money, the need and authority to buy the products and services of their choice.

This makes them good customers for organizations who provide them with what they want, in the form of products or service. It also builds brand loyalty.

So Brain Bout’s quizzing leads to consumer insights which are sharper than Facebook, since that is one of the main differences between advertising on Facebook versus using Brain Bout’s quizzing approach to market your products and services.

To know more in detail on how you can specifically target corporate professionals to market your products or services via quizzing, please visit our Brain Bout For Brands & Marketers Section.


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