Why Brand Managers From Amazon & Tata Group Use Quizzing For Branding & Lead Generation?

Why Brand Managers From Amazon & Tata Group Use Quizzing For Branding & Lead Generation?


  • Through a quiz, you get an opportunity to segregate customers into potential buyer profiles. This is mainly done on the basis of your data collection. For e.g. Let’s say there’s are a huge group of customers who mention that their favorite investment option is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), you can then put every customer who says “Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is my favorite investment option”, into a potential buyer profile or buyer bucket.
  • Further, by composing potential buyer profiles, that are data-driven, you’re able to build an audience list and then successfully target them, with relevant ads on your website or web portal.
  • It also allows you to find certain specific buyer profiles that have a relatively higher conversion rate than others. Hence, prospecting such audiences leads to a much better return on investment in terms of your advertising.


Why Amazon & Flipkart Use Quizzing To Generate Leads & Increase Online Sales?


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  • You might have read about the “Amazon Quiz” and how it has millions of people participating in the hope of winning the prizes. The process of participating in this quiz is pretty simple. You have to first sign-in to Amazon in and then you can take part in the quiz by navigating to the Amazon Quiz page, where there are five quiz contest questions posted during the contest period.
  • Apart from the desktop, you can also install the Amazon mobile app on your mobile phone from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You can create an Amazon account via sign up or log in with your account credentials if you already have an account. After logging in, you can go to Amazon’s Home Page and then navigate to the Menu > Programs > Features and finally to “FunZone”. On FunZone you can play the Amazon daily quizzing.
  • The reason why FunZone has huge traffic is that it always has new quiz contests and contestants get a chance to win prizes or even cashback. For Amazon, this is a golden opportunity to drive a huge amount of traffic to their website for marketing new products and even upselling products to the existing customers.


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  • Flipkart also has a similar strategy. You can sign up or log in and try the “Flipkart Daily Trivia Play” & win exciting Vouchers, Gems and More. You just need to keep a watch on the Flipkart app to get updates on upcoming quizzes. Twice a day, during the quiz period, ten questions are posted twice a day. “Guess What” and “Quiz Time” are two of Flipkart’s most popular quizzing contests.


How Tata Group & Bournvita Use Quizzing For Their Corporate Branding & For Building A Huge Audience Network?


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  • ‘Tata Crucible – The Business Quiz’ aims to bring together the sharpest and wittiest young corporate minds from our country to take up the toughest and elite business quiz. Youth is the key audience group, the Tata Group wants to focus its communication on. Hence, Tata Crucible is one of Tata Group’s most imperative initiatives towards this engagement as it targets young corporate professionals.
  • Tata Crucible started in 2004, a year which was sanctified as the & Century of Trust & year to venerate the death anniversary of the Founder of the Tata Group – J.N. Tata & the birth anniversaries of two of its renowned leaders – Naval H. Tata & J.R.D. Tata.
  • Tata Crucible generated a huge response as an exclusive and high-quality business quiz in its very first year. It has now transformed into an annual event. In a commissioned research, the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz has been arbitrated as the highest rated ground quiz by the students of participating colleges.
  • Since the year 2014, the Tata Crucible quiz is held in two parts annually. One part consists of the corporate edition. Here, all the corporate houses; Tata & non-Tata participate together. The second part consists of the Campus edition for students from all over India.
  • Fifteen editions of the Tata Crucible Corporate quiz & Tata Crucible Campus quiz have been conducted so far to an exciting response.
  • In a Nutshell, Tata Group’s credibility has increased tenfold due to this branding strategy of quizzing.


bourn vita quiz contest


  • We all know that the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest is a popular quiz contest that started on 12th of April, 1972. It is sponsored by Cadbury India and is one of India’s most popular quiz contests across the country.
  • Originally, it was held live in many cities across the country and it was later transformed into a radio show. Later, in June 1992, it was converted into a T.V. show on Zee TV and then to another T.V. channel, Sony T.V.
  • BQC also came on YouTube, where it encouraged the viewers to play along using its own application and sometimes also play on an application built into the YouTube video. The latest avatar of the Bournvita Quiz Contest is a short 12-15 mins version with a focus laid on objective questions.
  • The 2016 year season of the Bournvita Quiz Contest was also out on the mobile app “India plays BQC” which is available on Google Playstore in Android and AppStore in iOS.
  • The amazing combination of a mobile application along with quizzing, helped Bournvita Quiz Contest revive its brand image and also build a huge network of existing and new viewers in the online space.


Why Quizzing Is One Of The Best Ways For Lead Generation?



  • Unlike any other data collection tool, quizzes provide companies and e-commerce businesses with the opportunity to collect real data and vital information about their customers. It also helps them to improve their branding and marketing campaigns with targeted & personalized messaging. This helps them to attain better results for their business. Z Gallerie is a popular example that demonstrates why quizzing is one of the best ways to generate leads.


  • Z Gallerie has their quiz named “What is your Z Gallerie Style Personality?” Z Gallerie provides & caters to a segment of the audience that is comprised of professional & amateur interior designers.
  • Having built a powerful online presence, Z Gallerie implemented their quizzing strategy perfectly, asking the audience “What is your Z Gallerie Style Personality?
  • It further used quizzes to deliver personalized product recommendations. By doing so Z Gallerie developed a deeper and stronger connection with its customers and generate a substantial amount of leads.


How Brain Bout Helped upGrad, Max Life & Bajaj Allianz in Generating a Large Amount of Leads


  • Many top-notch organizations are connected with Brain Bout’s quizzing platform for employee engagement, branding, advertising, and lead generation. Here are few examples of how Brain Bout helped these three companies in their branding and lead generation.


How Brain Bout Helped upGrad


  • To the uninitiated, upGrad is an online higher education platform that provides rigorous industry relevant programs that are designed & delivered in alliance with world-class faculty & industry. Merging state-of-the-art technology, pedagogy & services, upGrad is creating an immersive learning experience, anytime & anywhere.
  • Through Aptitude quizzing Brain Bout generated 1500 leads for upGrad.
  • Here are the details on How Brain Bout Generated 1500 Leads for upGrad.


How Max Life with Brain Bout’s Quizzing Strategy, Connected With a Large
Group of Corporate Professionals?

How Max Life with Brain Bout’s Quizzing Strategy

  • The insurance business was heavily impacted by the Pandemic during the lockdown. However, during this period, Max Life Insurance launched a new campaign – ‘YouAreTheDifference’; starring ace Royal Challengers’ Bangalore players.
  • Their target was corporate professionals. But during the Pandemic, reaching out to corporate professionals was a great challenge. Another challenge was to create a need for term life insurance.
  • Hence, through an exciting campaign on Brain Bout, Max Life Insurance successfully raised awareness about financial protection in the form of term life insurance, given the uncertainties brought upon by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Here are the details on How Max Life reached out to corporate professionals on Brain Bout


How Bajaj Allianz promoted the Smart Protect life insurance plan on Brain Bout?

How Bajaj Allianz promoted the Smart Protect life insurance plan on Brain Bout

  • Bajaj Allianz Life is one of the most prominent private life insurance companies in India. It wanted to educate its audience of corporate professionals, on the fundamentals of term life insurance. Hence, it decided to do a tenured quiz contest with Brain Bout with an objective to promote the Smart Protect Term Life insurance plan among corporate professionals.
  • Brain Bout used an amazing creative approach in quizzing and helped Baja Allianz reach out to a huge pool of corporate professionals. Here are the details on How Bajaj Allianz promoted the Smart Protect life insurance plan on Brain Bout through Quizzing
  • This is how Brain Bout successfully helps many organizations generate massive leads and target relevant audiences through its creative quizzing strategies.
  • This also establishes the fact that quizzing is indeed one of the best interactive ways to generate leads, boost online sales and intensify the audience’s engagement with a brand.
  • Don’t believe us? We challenge you to take up a quiz for yourself! Click Here
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