How to Use Quizzes for Market Research & Consumer Insight? | Bonus information on –  What Top Marketing Experts Say About Benefits Of Quizzing For Your Brand?

How to Use Quizzes for Market Research & Consumer Insight? | Bonus information on – What Top Marketing Experts Say About Benefits Of Quizzing For Your Brand?



Quizzes for Market Research & Consumer Insight

  • Do you know that there are several companies that are daily generating close to 1000s of high-quality leads from quizzes alone?
  • As a new trend, companies have been able to sharpen their targeting and get convertible leads from quizzing, in a very cost-effective way. This is not us, but the data that we collected through market research that speaks volumes.
  • As per this data, the triple combination of market research, consumer insight along with quizzing has proven very successful for many brands in generating a huge amount of quality leads.
  • And guess what? Further, we are going to share the secret on how both market research can be done and consumer insight can be acquired, through quizzes. Let’s look at how various brands are doing it successfully and how you can do it for your organization and
    generate a volume of convertible leads through quizzing.

What is the Difference Between a Quiz & a Survey?


Difference Between a Quiz & a Survey

  • The key difference most of the time, between Quizzes & Surveys is that Quizzes are objective and Surveys, many a times are subjective. This isn’t a hard and fast rule or difference, but one of the most observed differences.
  • Quizzes are also quicker to finish than surveys. As a result, consumers more likely to take up quizzes than surveys which are longer and elaborate.
  • Quizzes, whether written or verbal, are designed to test an individual’s knowledge. They are a brief & informal way to gauge a person’s overall awareness about a particular subject.
  • But, quizzes prove to be also one of the most entertaining methods of engaging your internal employees and your customers. The online space is full of quizzes that include topics like entertainment, pop culture knowledge, political awareness, and many more interesting topics.

  • On the other side, a survey is a sort of a general inspection or review of something or someone, in order to evaluate them. A survey’s goal is to produce more intricate feedback and not just basic information or data. Politicians, employers & various brands use surveys to get feedback & review from their employees.
  • Surveys are more elaborate & interactive than polls. People taking the survey are usually asked to detail their reasoning, expectations, and experience. They are also gently coerced to put forward their complaints and suggestions.
  • Further, let’s look at how used surveys to develop & launch new products and what we can learn from their approach.

A Quick Insight Into A Case Study Example on How Used Surveys To Develop & Launch New Products? Used Surveys To Develop & Launch New Products

  • More than just filtering your marketing strategy, the data obtained from a survey can also help you to develop new products. Here’s a good example of the usage of surveys in the case of
  • Its founder Sarah Peterson wanted to build an online course, which could teach people the methods on how to build a successful business using Etsy.
  • Sarah had a primary idea of her audience’s needs. And she cleverly made the decision that involved gathering consumer insight from her audience via email marketing. As a part of her email marketing campaign, she emailed her audience a very simple survey. This survey helped her gather great consumer insight and also proved to be basic market research.

  • The survey had only two questions. These questions were designed in a way that allowed Sarah to gain deeper insight into what resolutions her audience was looking for. It also helped her understand the challenges her audience was facing.
  • Sarah received nearly sixty responses & she discovered that the main problem that her audience had was around shipping. With this knowledge, she realised how to create a new module that centred on shipping. The big factor was that from this point on, she ensured that she mentioned this new module, in all her marketing material while promoting the course.
  • Now let’s look at an example on how quizzes can be used for customer relationship management.

A Quick Insight Into A Case Study Example on How Z Gallerie Used Quizzes in for CRM?

  • Using quizzes as a part of your marketing strategy for engaging audiences has always been one of the most underestimated marketing moves. Quizzes are extremely effective when it comes to generating leads & engaging your audience & much more. Here’s a good example of the brand Z Gallerie from the retail sector.
  • Z Gallerie is into home furnishings & decor. It’s well known for providing art, furnishings & accessories to both, professional & amateur interior designers. They created a quiz named“What is your Z Gallerie Style Personality?” with an aim of providing a personalized experience to every current and potential customer.

Z Gallerie Used Quizzes in for CRM

  • Z Gallerie cast-off a personality quiz as means of bringing results that presented personalized product recommendations. The “personalized products recommendation” was the main aspect of their marketing strategy. This process helped Z Gallerie gather an
    enormous amount of leads per day. These leads were followed-up with customized marketing automation.
  • It allowed the brand to repeatedly recommend products personalized specifically to each person based on that person’s individual quiz results. Now that is online shopping done perfectly right.

A Quick Insight Into A Case Study Example on How Cloud Sherpas Used Quizzes in for CRM, Market Research  To Gain Consumer Insight?

  • Cloud Sherpas is another example of the successful use of quizzing to get consumer insight and leads. Cloud Sherpas specialized in technology services and cloud advisory for many of the world’s leading brands.
  • Cloud Sherpas built a quiz to understand each individual’s maturity level. This helped them determine more qualified leads. Their marketing strategy also involved promoting their blog on social media sites like Facebook & LinkedIn along with their quiz attached to it.

Cloud Sherpas Used Quizzes in for CRM, Market Research  To Gain Consumer Insight

  • As a result of the quizzing approach, Cloud Sherpas’ quiz brings in three to four qualified leads each day.

Quizzes Not Only Help with Market Research & Consumer Insight but Also Help with Lead Capturing.

  • Sometimes, it’s a good practice to be transparent about your marketing approach to your customers.
  • It isn’t always clear to your audience that after they provide you with their contact information, you will get in touch with them. Hence, as a rule of thumb, inform your audience in advance that you’ll be contacting them soon.
  • The form is also a legit way to acquire customer information. And quizzes are one of the best ways to politely ask for basic information. Here’s an example below.

Quizzes Not Only Help with Market Research & Consumer Insight but Also Help with Lead Capturing

So What Are the Main Advantages of Quizzes When It Comes to Your Brand?

  • Quizzing gets you enriching data when you do your market research through it. It also makes your consumers comfortable with your brand or company. As a result of this comfort, at times, they even freely give away sensitive data.
  • Consumers in general are more attracted to anything that is important or entertaining. Quizzes have both factors. They are highly entertaining for consumers and data you acquire through them is extremely important for your brand for lead generation.
  • As promised before, here’s what some of the top-notch global marketing experts have to say about their experiences about how quizzing helped them with market research, consumer insight, branding, and lead generation.

What 3 Top Marketing Experts Say About The Power of Quizzes?


  • No.1 “The first benefit to using quizzes is that they drastically increase user engagement. They spend longer time on the page and they are more likely to click through to other content, especially when you suggest content related to their answer/result.
  • The reason we started using quizzes in content marketing, is that you can gain massive insights into your audience and then use this to target them further in the future.
  • We had a client that sold clothes and accessories. We set up a quiz so users could “find their ideal style” and placed it on the homepage. When new users came to the site, they would take the quiz. From there we were able to give them recommendations based on their answers.
  • We also captured their email addresses and would send them emails targeting their preferences. We have seen significant increases in sales and direct purchases from quiz results and targeted emails.”

– Dana Flannery, Director and SEO Specialist, TAC Digita


  • No.2 “You can leverage quizzes to gain email sign-ups. One way to do this is to send the quiz results to an email address. This makes the user more likely to give you their actual email so they can view their quiz results.”

 – Stacy Caprio, Founder, Growth Marketing


  • No.3 “Quizzes drive engagement. In a world where BuzzFeed quizzes have become a pastime, leveraging the desire of people to get involved provides an invaluable way to kick off a conversation with your digital audience.
  • These quizzes not only get people involved with your content, but they shape a message around your company – what your industry is, what your company provides, and what your team does that sets it apart from the competition.

– Samuel Adams, Social Media and Content Strategist, SeedSpark

In Conclusion

  • With the expert verdicts and some real examples, you now must have realized the power of quizzes and how they can serve multiple purposes. This helps us understand how quizzes are a great tool when it comes to market research, gaining consumer insight, product promotion, customer relationship management, and even lead generation.


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