How Taking 5 Minutes Of Quizzes Daily Can Make You 20% Smarter Than Your Colleagues & Competitors.

How Taking 5 Minutes Of Quizzes Daily Can Make You 20% Smarter Than Your Colleagues & Competitors.

  • The recollection of important information is one of the most powerful skills you must have to progress in any sphere of life. quizzes are not about how much information you consume, but how much you can recollect at the right time. Professor Henry L. Roediger III, a renowned psychology expert mentions that it’s all about information retrieval and recollection that helps a person succeed in professional and personal life. Let’s understand how taking quizzes daily even for five minutes will make a positive difference to your life.


No.1 How Taking Quizzes Strengthens Recollection of Important Information?

Taking Quizzes Strengthens Recollection of Important Information

  • The Hippocampus in the brain plays a major role in learning and memory. Consuming information and then later recollecting it, strengthens the Hippocampus. It simply means more brainpower which leads to more memory power. There is clear evidence from psychological experiments that practicing retrieval of something after learning it, for instance by taking quizzes or tests, makes you more likely to retain the information in the long run.


No. 2 How It Improves Problem Solving Skills?

Improves Problem Solving Skills through quizzes

  • You must have heard that your brain has delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma waves. Of all these waves, gamma waves are produced by your brain when you are intensely focused on an activity. They are also produced when you actively engage in solving a critical problem.  When you take quizzes, your brain produces gamma waves in abundance than usual. This strengthens your subconscious mind to naturally produce more gamma when you move towards problem-solving. All great corporate leaders are excellent at problem-solving because they knowingly or unknowingly produce high levels of gamma waves. Professionals who especially belong to noble professions like medicine or teaching, indirectly use quizzing as a means to improve their problem-solving skills and recollection of information. For e.g. An MD Medicine Doctor uses theoretical information and practically applies it as a part of his protocol. In the process, he recollects all the theoretical steps practically. This strengthens his subconscious mind to instinctively solve problems when he encounters emergency situations.


No. 3 How Quizzing Strengthens Your Research Skills?

Quizzing Strengthens Your Research Skills

  • We all know the legendary film Gladiator (2000), for which Russell Crowe won the academy award for best actor, don’t we? In an interview after the movie’s success, he gave one exceptional advice in an interview to anyone who wants to succeed at the art or profession they are in. He stated that “Research and preparation is a privilege”.  Here, Russell emphasized on the fact that once you get a job, you stop working. And by work, he means working on yourself. This shouldn’t be the case. You shouldn’t stop working
    on your skills, your knowledge, and your competencies. You shouldn’t leave the scope for improvement away and just focus on daily regular tasks. You should take out time to research and study on how you can improve at your craft.  So one of the most spectacular ways to improve your skills and knowledge is to challenge yourself. And how do you challenge yourself? You consume new information and then try to apply it in real-life situations. This puts both, your ability to research new things and your ability to recollect relevant information to test.  There’s a reason why teachers and professors ask students to do research as a part of their homework. So that they can dig through information and come back with golden nuggets. So quizzing is equivalent to sharpening your research and information recollection skills. If you want to chop more trees, you have to also spend some amount of time sharpening the axe.
    In this case, sharpening the axe means spending more time consuming new information and taking tests to see how much you can recollect.


No. 4 How Quizzing Makes You Stand Out From the Average Crowd?

Quizzing Makes You Stand Out From the Average Crowd

  • You constantly add new information to your database when you take quizzes. This means every single day you learn something new that you can apply in your life and even share with others. In doing so, you come across as a natural leader. This stands you out. People
    look up to you for solutions when they are stuck with problems. Quizzes also spark your creativity.
  • There’s a famous book called “Made to Stick’ by Chip and Dan Heath. The authors reveal the anatomy of ideas that stick and explain ways to make ideas stickier. In doing so, they highlight how we can use certain techniques to recollect complex pieces of information. One such technique is the usage of “Schema”.
  • Example 1. When someone asks, “Have you seen the Moyi Baron Fruit?”
  • I am sure you haven’t because it’s a rare fruit. However, now the person changes the approach and explains using the Schema technique, and see what a difference it makes.
  • Example 2. “Have you seen the Moyi Baron Fruit? Just imagine a grape, increase its size to that tomato and now paint it tomato red.”
  • Clearly, in the second example, you were able to imagine and see the fruit. Frankly, there’s no such fruit and this was a demonstration of the ‘Schema’ technique.
  • In a similar way, when we consume new pieces of information through quizzing and connect them to the existing knowledge of the other person, you are not only helping them learn new information but also strengthening your position as a leader. This makes you stand out from the crowd and makes you the popular go-to person for everyone.


No. 5 How Quizzes Keep Your Mood Happy & Releases Happy Hormones.

Quizzes Keep Your Mood Happy & Releases Happy Hormones

  • Each time you learn something new, it doubles the connections in your brain. Quizzes are great stress busters because of the new fresh dose of exciting information you receive. This acts as a great refreshment which is equivalent to having a nice hot chocolate or enjoying
    your favourite food. Taking quizzes releases happy hormones like Dopamine and Endorphins. Quizzes engage your mind and keep you away from pondering over unnecessary stress creating problems. The activity gives you a sense of achievement and
    boosts your confidence.
  • We live in an information age. It’s not only how much you know, but how much you can recollect at the right time that sets you apart. Challenging yourself by taking quizzes is one of the fastest ways to grow professionally in life. So try taking one quiz on your favourite subject daily for the next seven days and see how it feels. And for information n how quizzing can help you with career growth, subscribe to our blog and receive daily tips and updates.


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